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Self Care

The most difficult chore I have is self care. Being “formally” diagnosed 12 years ago, you would think I would have a better handle on self care, but I don’t, I am trying…. I have a habit of putting everyone before myself, whether that is to cook, clean or take care of. As I writeContinue reading “Self Care”

Strange day 1/24/2021

Woke up really early and decided to go back to sleep (always a bad thing to do).  Woke up a few more times and finally got out of the bed. Hmmm… feels like my legs are rubber,  maybe just hungry. Buttered 1/2 of a sesame bagel,  that Taylor bought for me yesterday, and made hotContinue reading “Strange day 1/24/2021”


I started Remicade infusions in October 2020. They wanted me to start April 2020, but Covid 19 was in the world and I did not feel safe. So, the 1st time i had the Remicade, They gave me Benadryl through the iv and my right chest started burning (I was told that the Benadryl wasContinue reading “Remicade”

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