one thing I have learned from life, is to live life, have fun and don’t take anything seriously!

Heading to the city today to see my Mohs surgeon. I’m still not healed….

But meeting Kristina for some shopping and girl time. It was nice to see Kristina and help her with her future job. Sadly, we did not get to go to lunch 😦

So, saw the DR., my ear is still not healed. He had to give me 4 shots of numbing injection in the ear, soak the scab and take the scab off. Can anyone say that hurts?

Then, they booked me for this appointment as a follow up, when it was to be a post op. For those who do not understand that, it’s the difference between a co-pay and no co-pay. I will follow up with billing tomorrow morning.

As I checked out and went to make the appointment in September, they tried to say it’s a follow up again, I said it wasn’t, she had to go speak to the nurse, which is fine and came back and agreed it’s again a post op.

It was hot in the city today, I walked to the Dr’s then tried taking a cab back to Penn and the cab driver went a few blocks, then said traffic to heavy, so he dumped me out and I walked back to Penn.

On the way home on the train, at Jamaica stop the skies opened up and rain was just flooding the real world.

I made it in my house before the skies there opened up and gave the most spectacular lightning and thunder performance.

I really love the power of storms!


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