City Today 5/23/19

It’s actually been a difficult week. Pain level is very high, i could feel pain all night last night.

Unrelated, I’m going to see a cardiac sarcoidosis Doctor, Dr Reyentovick, at NYU, in nyc.

I have surgery coming up on 6/11, that was finally figured out. No surgery center on long island is latex free, so I’ll be having it at St. Catherine’s hospital. The surgery is unrelated to the Sarcoidosis (or so they tell me). It is my right shoulder that has a tear in it. Doctor said it could be done via a laparoscopic surgery.

I have indeed been diagnosed, 2 years ago this November, with cardiac sarcoidosis, so off to get clearance, for the surgery.

There’s not a day that goes by that i don’t promote awareness for this rare disease called sarcoidosis

Nor is there ever a day that goes by, that i feel this disease is robbing me of a more full life.

I do what i can and actually push thru alot, but it has changed me……

Sigh !


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