Strange day 1/24/2021

Woke up really early and decided to go back to sleep (always a bad thing to do).  Woke up a few more times and finally got out of the bed.

Hmmm… feels like my legs are rubber,  maybe just hungry.

Buttered 1/2 of a sesame bagel,  that Taylor bought for me yesterday, and made hot chocolate.

On couch,  feel depleted off all energy.

Still have work to do,  so off to the kitchen.   Pulled pork needs shredding  and bq sauce.  Im standing st the counter with locked knees and leaning against counter.   Finally it’s done and back in slow cooker for 4 hours.

Time for  beef short ribs.   I always cook, then cool, then refrigerate overnight,  then in morning take off grease that forms a hard cover.

I really really feel weak and strange. Will send a message this emerging, of no better, to my neurologist, Dr. Susan Shin.

Even on couch, i feel weak and dizzy.


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