Self Care

The most difficult chore I have is self care. Being “formally” diagnosed 12 years ago, you would think I would have a better handle on self care, but I don’t, I am trying….

I have a habit of putting everyone before myself, whether that is to cook, clean or take care of. As I write this I have been approved for Social Security Disability, most people would be like yippeee. I do have questions for the disability attorney that I used, but I’m finding it difficult thinking that I’ll never work or dance again. Yes, I understand I will have more volunteer time, but I feel like I am losing who I am.

Currently I volunteer with seven 501 c3’s and some sub divisions in those. Also took a certified grant writing course (passed test) and was asked by the Professor to join a group of Grant writers, called “Make the World Better Team” and you know I’m not going to say no, lol!

Because of the Remicade infusions and because it gives me no choice, it knocks me for a loop for 4 days, I have no choice but to rest on the couch.

So, as I am writing this and as you are reading, we can say, I am still not there, but still a work in progress.


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